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AIFI Purpose

Unleash film tourism in Florida, utilizing destination placement within studio films and network scripted series. Simultaneously increase the state’s GDP by $2.2B and resurrect the film industry.

American Initiative for Film Industry (“AIFI”) is an educational institute and “multi-medium” marketing/ production company committed to resurrecting Florida’s film industry through the relocation of studio film productions and network scripted series from other states to Florida.

AIFI was founded by April Masini who is credited with: relocating multiple television and film productions to Hawaii; propelling Hawaii’s film tourism; co-drafting two vital pieces of Hawaii’s film industry legislation; and lobbying and securing their passage. Beyond initiating and overseeing the relocation of Baywatch from California to Hawaii (and changing the series name to Baywatch Hawaii [1]), April, through her work with the Universal Studios film Blue Crush, “pioneered the first-of-its-kind cross-promotion between a Hollywood studio and the location in which its film (Blue Crush) was shot [2]”. Hawaii’s then-Governor, Ben Cayetano, credited April with “almost single-handedly reviving the state’s television and film industry [3]” and proclaimed June 4th  as “Masini Day”[4].

Under April’s leadership, AIFI is committed to delivering:

  • a $2.2B annual increase in Florida’s GDP
  • new jobs paying an average salary 74% higher than Florida’s state average
  • an end to Florida’s multi-million-dollar annual loss of taxpayer investment in creative college graduates
  • a multiplier effect that translates across non-film industries