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AiFi Research – April Masini

This page, its content and attachments are under Copyright. Do not print or publish without express written permission from April Masini. The following research details Florida’s staggering annual taxpayer college educational investment loss… Approximately $240 million, based on only five (FSU, UCF, UF, USF and FIU) out of Florida’s 97 colleges offering filmmaking-related careers.

An approximation of Florida’s problem is documented in these charts. This estimation is based on the actual number of graduates and their likely corresponding Florida financial aid. The universe for this illustration is constrained to:


five of Florida’s 97 colleges offering film-related degrees; and


only the actual number of graduates for five film and television-related degrees. (In all, these schools offer more than 12 film-related degrees.)

Whatever the course’s name, the college’s goal is to produce students capable of creative leadership roles in the film and television industry. And if Florida had a flourishing film industry, these students would fulfill roles as actors, animators, editors, production assistants, writers, production managers, cinematographers, directors, and producers. Unfortunately, these jobs scarcely exist in Florida, and the vast majority of graduates will be forced to relocate to a state with a strong entertainment industry presence.

With a generation raised on creating their own media content, film and television courses are extremely popular. Combined, every year thousands of students graduate from Florida’s colleges with film-related degrees. However, these students ability to contribute to Florida’s GDP and Florida’s ability to earn a reasonable ROI depends on whether or not we succeed in resurrecting Florida’s film industry.