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Act 2 – Destination Placement

Reap the Economic Benefits of Film Tourism

Existing out-of-state visitation to Florida generates a powerful 9% of GDP [11]. In 2017, tourism’s impact on Florida’s GDP was: $44.3B direct, $22.7B induced, $18.8B indirect, and $85.9B total [12]. However, film tourism is a major GDP void for Florida. What economic impact might film tourism have if Florida were marketed using destination placement within a television series or studio film? How can it be estimated?

“Research from New Zealand, Italy and Sweden has found that around 5 percent of visitors come purely because of a film or TV series.” [10], vividly illustrating the impact of film tourism. Using 5% as a baseline growth factor and data from VisitFlorida’s report on out-of-state tourism’s GDP impact (discussed above), the projected incremental impact of film tourism on Florida would be:

$2.2B annual increase in GDP based on direct impact of film tourism (5% x $44.3B)

$4.3B annual increase in GDP based on total impact of film tourism (5% x 85.9B)