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Act 3 – Provide Jobs Paying 74% Higher Than the Florida Average

Provide Jobs Paying 74% Higher Than the Florida Average

While Florida is a “right-to-work” state, studios participate only in union or signatory productions, which guarantees high-paying jobs. The average studio production salary is $81,700, or about 74% higher than the Florida average of $47,000. Why? Because studios pay according to a union rate scale and offer access to health insurance coverage, pensions, and other benefits otherwise out of reach for the self-employed [13].

A network scripted television series does more to grow the industry than any other medium because they are in production 8-10 months each year. Network scripted series can also have a tourism influence rivaling a studio film—perhaps even surpassing it. Why? Because a series is watched regularly and exposes viewers to a destination over a prolonged time, allowing viewers to form strong emotional attachment to the destination [4].

AIFI’s approach of fostering mutually beneficial strategic alliances with studio film productions and network scripted series will provide an “assembly line” of high-paying jobs while fueling film tourism through destination placement. Any production not meeting one of these two criteria will be rejected by AIFI.