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ACT 5 – Deliver ROI to Florida Taxpayers

Fix the problem using the AIFI solution.

Florida’s prior film tax credit/incentive program (ended 2015) did not work. The Office of EDR’s 2018 review of “The Florida Entertainment Industry Financial Incentive Program” reports that the ROI was only 43 cents per tax credit dollar [17]. AIFI brings an expert’s knowledge of the film industry and how to best use tax credits.

The value of tax credits is using them to lure productions currently located elsewhere—not for use as subsidies given to Florida-based production companies. Studio and network production companies change locations based on money and seek to exit states with laws that do not align with their social views, e.g. Georgia.

AIFI proposes new legislation that will ensure proper use of incentives, restrict usage to only scripted network television series productions and studio films, and require, among other things, destination placement of Florida and mutually beneficial cross-promotional and marketing campaigns between network or studio and state. AIFI exclusively pursues network scripted series and studio film productions for many reasons, including: (1) guaranteed mass distribution, ensuring large viewership; (2) unequalled destination placement, embedded marketing, and cross-promotional opportunities; and (3), a marketing budget equal to its production budget. (For example, if a film’s total budget is $100 million, about $50 million will be spent on marketing.)

Unleash film tourism in Florida, utilizing destination placement within studio films and network scripted series. Simultaneously increase the state’s GDP by $2.2B and resurrect the film industry.